March 2022

The next Stewards Meeting will be held at 8:00 AM and the Regular Meeting at 9:00 AM on Saturday, March 19, 2022 at the Union Hall. Agenda includes regular order of business and nominations will be taken for delegates to the 38th Constitutional Convention.
If you are receiving a lost time check, bonus makeup, refund of dues, expense check, tournament prize winnings check, etc. from the Local Union, please attempt to cash the checks in the same month as they were issued. Remember, our policy is that any check issued is good for only 90 days from the date written. After 90 days, the checks will be voided, and you will have to come to the Union Hall to have it reissued.
Joseph Nizzi
Financial Secretary-Treasurer
Doubles: Place Name Score Prize
1st Chase Jordan & Kole Jordan 1400 $ 70.00 (35.00 ea.)
2nd Cody Nguyen & Paul Norris 1362 60.00 (30.00 ea.)
3rd Jordan Gillaspy & Curtis Gillaspy 1347 50.00 (25.00 ea.)
4th Ciley Nguyen & Allison Blessinglight 1289 40.00 (20.00 ea.)
5th Steve Manchester & Duane Tyler 1230 30.00 (15.00 ea.)
Teams: 1st Maddy Gillaspy, Brandon Gillaspy,
(Killer G’s) Jordan Gillaspy & Curtis Gillaspy 2776 200.00 (50.00 ea.)
Prizes: $150 Bowling Alley Great Escape Gift Certificate: Damon Jordan.
Mills Fleet Farm Gift Cards: Chad Dobson, Steve Manchester, Chase Jordan, Kole Jordan, AJ Arends, Paige Arends, Dalton Dobson, Jordan Gillaspy, Curtis Gillaspy, Brandon Gillaspy.
Casey’s General Store Gift Cards: Brandon Gillaspy, Curtis Gillaspy, Madeline Gillaspy, Jordan Gillaspy, Allison Blessinglight, Ciley Nguyen, Damon Jordan, Beth Scott, Chase Jordan, Duane Tyler, Tyler Carter.
Recreation Committee
The following taken from UAW Local 838’s Newsletter……
The Benefit Election Period dates are April 18th – May 13th. It’s important to take the time to look over your retirement benefit options and decide on what plan you will go with during this election period. Once you pick a plan, keep in mind you cannot switch plans after the election period is done. So, it’s critical to do your homework and understand both plans so you make a good determination of what path fits your retirement portfolio the best. Going to is a good tool to calculate both plans and to show value on which plan to go with. I would also take the time to contact a financial advisor for them to look over your future retirement options and ask for advice as well. We work our whole lives for a long healthy retirement, please take the time to understand both plans available. Stay tuned. There will be more direction in future articles to come pertaining to this election period.
U.A.W. LOCAL 450
4589 NW 6th DRIVE
DES MOINES, IA 50313-2213
(Dated Material)
Daylight Saving Time begins March 13th.
Reminder to turn your clocks AHEAD one hour.
The next Retirees Luncheon/Meeting will be
held on March 9, 2022 with Casey’s Pizza at
12:00 Noon; meeting to follow at 1:00 PM at the
Union Hall. Due to the ongoing Covid-19 Virus,
no Potluck will be held. We want everyone to be
safe. DO NOT BRING FOOD IN unless it’s in
a store-bought prepared package/box.
The $25 door prize winners in February were
Jerry Harmon and Howard Elscott. Don Embrey
and Richard Wiseman’s names were drawn for
the $100 progressive prize, but they were not
present. Next progressive will be $125.
Jerry White
~Hired 04-27-64 ~Retired 06-30-90 ~Deceased 12-25-21
Jack Prunty
~Hired 01-16-63 ~Retired 01-19-93 ~Deceased 01-04-22
Donald Finnell
~Hired 01-03-72 ~Retired 08-31-04 ~Deceased 01-16-22
Ernie Wilkening
~Hired 03-30-59 ~Retired 03-31-97 ~Deceased 01-27-22
Robert Burnham
~Hired 01-09-59 ~Retired 01-31-89 ~Deceased 02-06-22
If you know or work with any of these people,
invite them to join our Union:
Never Joined: Dropped Out of Union:
Charles Faber D/38 Thomas Francis D/40C
Logan Klein D/30A Tonja Galvan D/40P
Benjamin Rebik D/09R Devon Greer D/43
Javier Santana D/40P Gary Hockey D/22
William Irvine D/30W
Rehired but Didn’t Rejoin: Ryan Kellerhals D/40A
Charles Runyon D/30W Renee Koehlmoos D/40P
Darrell Kruse D/88
Dropped Out of Union: Travis Lehman D/38
Stephanie Anderson D/40A Tracy Marshall D/30A
Ted Brown D/40A Gary McKnight Jr. D/40A
Edgar Burke Jr. D/23 Jasmin Nuhanovic D/40A
Toi Cam D/23 Tam Pham D/05Q
Douglas Clouse D/42 Leonard Poels D/95
Christopher Conrad D/38 Aaron Rist D/30A
Michael Cook D/30A Jeffrey Robbins D/43
Jesse Cowling D/40A Alex Smith D/40A
Edward Curry, Jr. D/40A Chris Sorensen D/05F
Dylan Danielson D/40A Steven Thompson D/09R
Gilbert Decena D/40A
Family of Robert Michaels
Family of Ernie Wilkening
Family of Robert Burnham
Family of Elaine Cory (Rick’s Mother)
Sept 2021 Robert Penton
Oct 2021 Ted Gentosi
Dec 2021 Timothy Whitaker
Jan 2022 Jeffery Burton
Feb 2022 William Sharp
Mar 2022 Randall Brandhorst
CHAPLAIN CHAT by Curt Forney……
Can we ever be completely prepared for all the
ups and downs that come our way in life? I
heard about a young boy that went off to one of
those extremely expensive universities. The
bills were coming in monthly to these parents
and they were struggling to keep their head
above water. One day his mother received a
letter from him that read like this: "Dear Mom:
I’m writing to inform you that I have flunked all
of my courses. I had an accident and totally
wrecked my car, I owe the clothing store in
town $2000, and I have been suspended for
the next semester because of misconduct. I am
coming home, prepare Dad!" His mother wrote
a one line letter back to him that just said this:
"Dear son: Dad is prepared, prepare yourself."
Nobody truly knows the future and what
surprises will come our way. I am thankful that
there is One who does know the future. W. T.
Purkiser said, "Nothing takes God by surprise.
He knows the future and can therefore guide
us through its trackless ways.” In the Bible, the
prophet Daniel told King
Nebuchadnezzar, “The great God has shown
the king what will take place in the future. The
dream is true and its interpretation is
trustworthy.” (Daniel 2:45). The future can be a
little scary, but knowing God has everything
under control can go a long way towards
having peace of mind. Think about it.