July 2022

Jul 4, Independence Day
Sept 5, Labor Day
Nov 24-25, Thanksgiving
Dec 23-Jan 2, Christmas Shutdown (return to work Tues, Jan 3)
The next Stewards Meeting will be held at 8:00 AM and the Regular Meeting at 9:00 AM on Saturday, July 16, 2022, at the Union Hall. Agenda includes regular order of business and nominations will be taken for the position of Financial Secretary, and Safety Representative.

Date: Tuesday, July 26, 2022
Time: 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Place: UAW Local 450 Union Hall
4589 NW 6th Drive, Des Moines, IA
RUN-OFF (if needed): Tuesday, August 2, 2022
POSITIONS: Financial Secretary (1), and Safety Representative (1).
Note: names to be determined and drawn for position on July 22nd then posted).
All UAW Local 450 active members and retirees in good standing are eligible to vote for the Financial Secretary position. Only active members can vote for the Safety Representative position.

From the Desk of the Recording Secretary, Jill Scott
The By-laws, these are basic rules that are only for our Local and speak to the history of our local. So, who has read them?
Article I This Union shall be known as Local No. 450 of the International Union, United Automobile, Aerospace, and Agricultural Implement Workers of America, (UAW)
Article II The Constitution of this organization shall be the International Union, UAW, and the By-laws of the local Union shall be at all times subordinate and subject to the provisions of the Constitution of the International Union as such Constitution now exists which may be from time-to-time hereafter be altered or amended; and in the event of any conflict the Constitution of the International Union shall govern.
Article III is Fiscal Year
Article IV Objective, (this one from what I can tell from the archives of the By-Laws hasn’t changed at all)
The objective of this Local shall be to unite into one Union, regardless or religion, race, creed, color, sex political affiliation or nationality, all employees of John Deere Des Moines Works; to improve the condition and protect the interests of the workers by establishing a wage in accordance with the desires of its member, regulating the hours of labor and securing better working conditions for all; to educate its members to avail themselves of the opportunities in their industrial position and to build up a perfect and impregnable labor union for the purpose of securing and maintaining these in the interest of labor; to encourage and promote the sale of Union Labeled merchandise at tall times; to promote these objectives, we pledge ourselves to cooperate and deal fairly with management and to comply with the laws of the nation and the International Union. We pledge ourselves to establish justice for the worker and to support such measures as are necessary to obtain objectives.

We have come so far and yet still have so much work to do. In Solidarity, my Union Brothers and Sisters

David Winders
~Hired 02-19-73 ~Retired 02-28-05 ~Deceased 04-03-22
Larry DaRos
~Hired 04-03-72 ~Retired 05-31-14 ~Deceased 05-27-22
Errol Heckman
~Hired 04-03-59 ~Retired 04-03-89 ~Deceased 06-03-22
Donald Starnes
~Hired 10-04-48 ~Retired 01-31-79 ~Deceased 06-26-22

Family of Allen Jensen (Funeral)
The Jerry Rosander Family
Funeral for Granddaughter

From the desk of the Recording Secretary:
The 75th Anniversary of UAW Local 450 is next year and I am looking for your stories, historical in nature, if possible, aka strikes, lockouts etc. Please send all correspondence to [email protected]. Not all stories will be able to be used, and I will be concentrating on information from 1998-2023 as we have information compiled from 1948 to 1998.

Highland Park American Legion Post 374 has a Bingo Night every Friday. Doors open at 4:30, Bingo starts at 6:15. Volunteers to help on the 5th Friday of the month, UAW Night, and player’s always welcome.


Due to a motion made at the June meeting, the next Retirees Luncheon/Meeting has been canceled for Wednesday, July 13th. Next Meeting will be held on August 10th. With the ongoing Covid-19 Virus, no Potluck will be held. We want everyone to be safe. DO NOT BRING FOOD IN unless it’s in a store-bought prepared package/box. Please come join us at our meetings.
The $25 door prize winners in June were Paul Klonglan and Steven Smith. Gordan Smith won the $200 progressive prize. Next progressive will start over at $25.
And reminder, if you’re planning on attending the “Christmas in July” Party on Saturday, July 23rd, need to send in your reservation slip and payment by July 8th.

CHAPLAIN CHAT by Curt Forney……
Lately I have become concerned about the people I represent. I no longer see the Pride in your eyes that I once saw when I traveled down your streets in the Veterans Day parades and on the 4th of July. The people that once saluted me and those that held their hand over their heart as I passed now just look around to see what others are doing. Could it be that they don’t see me? This is what it must be because I haven’t changed. I am still the same flag that accompanied so many of our countrymen as they defended this great country. As I wave in the breeze, I am waving for each and every one of them. I represent the people of this country and not the disappointment you may have with our Government. I have never had a vote in anything. I stand for the freedom that the people have given to this country.
You are the heroes, not the Government. You are the ones that go to work each day and do what is necessary to see that the children have clothes and shoes and plenty of food. That is why I call you heroes. This is the spirit that I represent. This is why I was created, as a constant reminder to the people of America that with pride in our country and a strong belief in God we can overcome any obstacle that is put in our path. We are still the greatest country in the world. WE ARE AMERICA. So, the next time you pass by me just give me a wink or allow a glimmer of pride or just a simple wave to let all the soldiers that have died so you can live free and I can fly free will know that their sacrifice was not in vain. Your Flag. Think about it.