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Special Edition, April 2023

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*******************************************************************************DUTIES OF ELECTED LOCAL UNION OFFICERS

President:  It shall be the duty of the President to preside at all meetings of the Local Union, sign all orders on the treasury authorized by the Local Union, countersign all checks issued by the Financial Secretary against accounts of the Local Union when ordered by the Union, enforce the provisions of the Constitution, and appoint committees not otherwise provided for.  They shall be a member exofficio of all committees and the Benefits Representative.  President does not handle contractual grievances.  President is full-time and is paid 40 hours by the Company with no overtime.

Vice President:  The Vice President or Vice Presidents shall assist the President in the discharge of their duties and shall attend all sessions of the Local Union.  In case of the absence or incapacity of the President, the President’s duties shall be performed by the Vice President, provided that where there are two (2) or more Vice Presidents, the Local Union shall determine which of them shall perform such duties.

Recording Secretary:  It shall be the duty of the Recording Secretary to keep a correct record of the proceedings of the Local Union, sign all orders on the treasury authorized by the Local Union, read all documents and conduct the general correspondence received by the Local Union which does not pertain directly to the duties of the other officers of the Local Union and keep same on file for future reference.  The Recording Secretary shall bring to the attention of the membership of the Local Union any correspondence upon which the membership must take action.  The Recording Secretary shall comply with the provisions of Article 50, Section 2.  The Recording Secretary is obligated to keep on file with both the Research Department of the UAW and their Regional Director, the current version of each of the following: (1)  The existing contract(s); (2) A complete revised list of all classifications and rates for the workplaces covered by the contract(s); (3) Any additional information gained through negotiations with the respective workplace management that may be useful to other Local Unions in their collective bargaining.  The Recording Secretary shall be considered to have satisfied the foregoing requirements by submitting an electronic copy of items 1 through 3 in the local union information system (LUIS). The Recording Secretary shall update this information as often as necessary, but must furnish a current, updated version no later than sixty (60) days after the ratification of any contract or supplement.

Financial Secretary:  It shall be the duty of the Financial Secretary to receive all dues, initiation fees, readmission fees, and all other income of the Local Union for any fund from any source and to give official receipts for same, as provided in the Constitution.  Financial Secretaries of Local Unions having a check-off arrangement shall issue one (1) receipt for the check received from the company, and otherwise use the procedure outlined above for any other income.  No receipt shall be issued to individual members unless the company does not show on the check stub or pay envelope the amount of the deduction and the reason, therefore.

The Financial Secretary shall write all checks drawn on the Local Union funds and report in writing every month at a regular meeting of the Local Union giving the amount of monies received and paid out during the previous calendar month, divided as between the various income and expenditure classifications, and the remaining balances in the fund accounts of the Local Union.

The Financial Secretary shall deposit all collections either with the Treasurer, taking a receipt therefore, or in such banks as Local Union Trustees may direct, with advice to the Treasurer as to the amount so deposited.

The Financial Secretary shall by the 20th of each month, submit a monthly per capita tax to the International Secretary-Treasurer in accordance with Article 16, Section 6. They shall receive applications for membership and notify the candidates of their election or rejection.  They shall assist the International Union in seeing that all members receive the official publication regularly when eligible, provide each member with an official receipt for all monies paid and make available to each member a copy of the International Constitution and bylaws of the Local Union.  Union membership cards and/or dues buttons may be issued at the option of the Local Union.

The Financial Secretary shall furnish the International Secretary-Treasurer, through the Local Union Information System (LUIS), with the names and addresses of all the officers of the Local Union.  They shall keep a record of all members initiated, suspended, expelled, or deceased, transfers in and out and reinstatements, during their term of office and notify the International Secretary-Treasurer of same, by updating the Local Union’s membership records in the Local Union Information System (LUIS), and shall perform such other duties as the bylaws prescribe or the Local Union may direct.  There shall be maintained by the Financial Secretary a complete record of all active members of the Local Union.  This record shall have the date of initiation, the date and cause of suspension or expulsion, the date of reinstatement, together with the date of death, home address and such other matters as may be deemed necessary to keep a record of the continuous membership of a member of the Local Union.

The Financial Secretary shall not make said record all active members (membership list) available to anyone except pursuant to the provisions of Article 37, Section 9 of the Constitution.

The Financial Secretary shall keep an inventory of all records and property of the Local Union, the same to contain, when possible, date of purchase and amount paid for each article.  They shall notify all members in arrears of the amount of their indebtedness and turn over her/his books to the Trustees for audit and approval when called to do so. They shall, on the demand of the International Secretary-Treasurer, produce their books for examination and audit and shall comply with the provisions of the Constitution.

Should it be proven that any Local Union Financial Secretary has willfully and intentionally failed to report monthly the full membership of their Local Union to the International Secretary-Treasurer; or should it be proven that any Local Union President, Treasurer and/or Financial Secretary willfully and intentionally refuses to sign a check to send in the full amount of per capita tax on the same number of members who have paid dues to the Local Union, the Local Union may be



suspended from all privileges and benefits until the deficiency is made good and the officer or officers responsible for such failure shall not be allowed to again hold office in the organization for a period of two (2) years.               

The Treasurer shall give a receipt for all monies received from the Financial Secretary.  The monies received must be deposited in such bank as the Local Union Trustees may direct for the several funds provided for in the Constitution and such other funds as the Local Union may set up on the name and number of the Local Union.  They shall sign all checks, which must be countersigned by the President.  They shall report in writing every month at a regular meeting of the Local Union the total receipts and total expenditures for the Local Union for the previous calendar month and the amount of money still on deposit.  The Treasurer shall deliver to their successor all monies and other property of the Local Union.  They shall, on demand of the International Union or Trustees of the Local Union, produce their books for examination and audit.

TrusteesThe Trustees shall have general supervision over all funds and property of the Local Union.  They shall audit or cause to be audited by a Certified Public Accountant selected by the Local Union Executive Board, the records of the Financial Officers of the Local Union semiannually as provided herein, using the Trustee Audit form found on the Local Union Information System (LUIS), a copy of which shall be forwarded to the International Secretary-Treasurer immediately thereafter.  It shall also be their duty to see that the Financial Officers of the Local Union are bonded in conformity with the laws of the International Union.  The Trustees shall see that all funds shall be deposited in a bank subject to an order signed by the President and Treasurer and/or Financial Secretary.  In Local Unions where safety deposit boxes are used, the Trustees shall see that the signatures of the President, Treasurer and one (1) of the Trustees are required before admittance to the safety deposit box is permitted.  In the event the books are not received for audit within fifteen (15) days after the end of each six-month period, the Chairperson of the Trustees shall make a report to the next meeting of the Local Union for action.

Sergeant-at-Arms:  It shall be the duty of the Sergeant-at-Arms to introduce all new members and visitors and assist the President in preserving order when called upon to do so.  They shall also take charge of all property of the Local Union not otherwise provided for and perform such other duties as may be assigned to them from time to time.

Guide:  It shall be the duty of the Guide to maintain order, inspect the membership receipts, satisfy themselves that all present are entitled to remain in the meeting of the Local Union and perform such other duties as are usual to the office.

Shop Committee:  The Bargaining Committee will work under the direction of the Chairperson and shall devote full time to the discharge of their duties as outlined in the Labor Agreement and the principle of our Union.  They shall make a report to the Chairperson, who in turn shall make a report at the regular Executive Board and membership meetings.

Departmental Stewards:  Department Stewards shall take up all grievances as per regular procedure.  They shall keep watch for all violations of our contract and principles of our Union.  They shall not turn any grievance over to the Bargaining committee until they have made an effort to settle same.  Stewards must attend a regular steward meeting.

Election CommitteeAs a member of the Election Committee, you will be responsible for conducting your Local Union’s election of officers in accordance with the International Union’s Constitution and Local Union bylaws.  You will need to be patient, knowledgeable, organized, firm, and, most of all, impartial.  At times, your hard work may seem thankless.  Remember, your job is not to please everyone but to run a fair and honest election.

Throughout the election process, be guided by three principles.  First, you should be fair and impartial, treating all candidates equally and avoiding any acts of favoritism or even the appearance of favoritism.  You should maintain a businesslike relationship with all candidates even if you work with or are personal friends with any of them.  Second, you must follow the election provisions in our Union’s Constitution and bylaws as well as any other Union election rules as long as they are not inconsistent with federal law.  Finally, you should uphold American democratic traditions by protecting the right of every member in good standing to nominate candidates, run for office, and vote by secret ballot for officers of your Local Union.

Community Action Program (CAP Council):  The objective and purpose of the UAW Community Action Program Councils are to develop, promote and implement policies and programs designed to improve and enrich the quality of American life.  The UAW Community Action Program (referred to as CAP) shall engage in community, civic, welfare, educational, environmental, cultural, citizenship-legislative, consumer protection, community services and other activities to improve the economic and social conditions of UAW members and their families and to promote the general welfare and democratic way of life for all people.  We lobby our National and State Senators and Representatives on labor issues. The CAP Committee attends one (1) National Conference in Washington, DC, two (2) State CAP Council Meetings in Des Moines, and about ten (10) Area CAP Council Meetings.

Deere CouncilThe Deere Council consists of three (3) delegates (President, Chair of the Shop Committee, and one (1) elected delegate).  The Deere Council meets (4) times per year; two (2) in-state (like Iowa City), one (1) out-of-state (like Palm Springs or Denver).

Ag. Imp. Council:  The Ag. Imp. Council consists of two (2) delegates with two (2) meetings a year.  The Ag. Imp. Council is a group of elected individuals who meet to discuss the state of the Ag. Imp. Division.  The Council is made up of delegates from Deere, CAT, and Case-New Holland.  Each Local sends a report of their particular Local and how each plant, depot warehouse, etc., is running such as how much overtime is being worked, how many jobs are being out-sourced, how many layoffs, how many new hires.  The Ag. Imp. Council is generally a way for each Local to hear how each individual Local is doing around the country in the Ag. Imp. Division. 

Pension Board:  Three (3) members of the Pension Board shall be elected at the completion of negotiations of all new contracts.  At least one member of the previous Pension Board shall be re-elected.  The Chairperson of the Pension Board will be elected by the Pension Board.

Skilled Trades CommitteeThe Skilled Trades Committee consists of three (3) members to be elected at the General Election.  One (1) of the three (3) being the Chairperson.  The Chairperson will be selected by the committee.  Members running for the committee must qualify to receive a UAW Journeyman’s Card and working in a Skilled Trades Classification.  The Skilled Trades Committee holds three (3) meetings a year.

Safety Committee:  This is a joint Safety Committee consisting of three (3) Company representatives and three (3) Union representatives who meet semimonthly on a day and time mutually agreed upon.  It shall be the responsibility of the Safety Committee and Shop Chair to discuss health, safety and sanitation in the plant and to make recommendations on safety and sanitation problems considered by the committee.  The Safety Committee may review plant injuries and illnesses, identify causes, and suggest preventive measures.  Review changes in shop rules governing health and safety.  Review a report by the Company’s Safety Director on the action taken or the progress made in connection with the recommendations made by the Committee at its previous meeting.  Review copies of all written grievances involving health and safety filed by employees in the bargaining unit.  The Manager of Industrial Relations will furnish copies of





such grievances to the Committee.  Review new manufacturing equipment including robots, new plant layouts, and major

process changes to insure compliance with Company health and safety purchase specifications.  The Company recognizes the importance of involvement in the early stages of the process.

Review annually the noise and respirator abatement programs in order to give the Committee ample opportunity for discussion and make recommendations for improvement.  Engineering controls will be used to control employee exposures to noise and air contaminants, where feasible.  The goal of these programs is to improve the environment of the workplace.

Review the machinery and equipment safety lockout program in order to give the Committee ample opportunity for discussion and to make recommendations for improvement.  Review ergonomic plans and activities such as analysis of injuries, job evaluations and modifications, and make recommendations for improvement.  Review the plant’s annual Occupational Safety & Health Goals and Objectives.

Drug & Alcohol Committee:  Consists of two (2) members, one (1) being an automatic member from the Bargaining Committee, this member being elected by the committee, and the other member being elected at each general election.  We’re an Employees Assistance Program (EAP) helping members with substance abuse, mental health, suicide, and other personal problems.  We are a resource to our membership to direct them to United Behavioral Health Systems.

Constitutional Convention Delegates:  The Constitutional Convention is held every four (4) years.  Following the issuance of the Convention Call by the International Secretary-Treasurer, the Local Union will hold nominations and election.  The number of delegates to attend is determined by the Constitution on a per capita basis.  Delegates also will serve as delegates to any Special Convention.  Delegates will have voice and vote on all issues before the Convention, Bills, Resolutions, etc.  Vote on nominations and election of Officers and International Trustees.  Local Union action to instruct a delegate does not serve to commit or bind the delegate on any issue they may vote on at the Convention.



1) Who can nominate and vote?  (Union Bylaws Book, Article VII, Membership, Section 1, Page 4) – The membership of this Local No. 450 shall consist of all workers employed in or around the John Deere Des Moines Works over whom this Local Union has jurisdiction and who are eligible for membership in the UAW.

(Section 6, Page 5) – Each member in good standing of this Local Union has the right to nominate and vote, express opinions on all subjects before the Local Union, to attend all membership meetings and express views, arguments and opinions on all matters and business, including candidates for office, properly before the meeting; to meet and assemble freely with other members and generally to participate in the activities of the Local Union to a responsible manner consistent with good conscience in order to present and discuss factually and honestly the issues and personalities upon which the membership must base its decisions.  These rights shall at all times be subject to the rules of procedure governing meetings and other uniform rules and regulations contained in the Constitution, By-Laws and other official rules of the Local Union.


2) Who can run for Office?  (Union Bylaws Book, Article XI, Nominations and Election of Officers and Stewards, Section 6, Page 10) – The eligibility for Executive Offices, Bargaining Committee, Stewards and Non-Executive Office or Committee shall be governed as follows:  Executive Office – Continuous good standing of one year prior to nomination.  Committeepeople – Continuous good standing of one year prior to nomination.  Steward – Continuous good standing of three (3) months prior to nomination. Non-Executive Office and Committee (Deere Council, Pension Board, Safety Committee, Election Committee, Ag. Imp. Council, Drug & Alcohol Committee, Skilled Trades Committee, etc.) – Continuous good standing for seven (7) months prior to nomination.


3) What does “Continuous Good Standing” mean?  (International Constitution Book, Article 38, Section 3(5), Page 196, Meaning of “Continuous”) – Where during any portion of the one (1) year period immediately preceding the nomination a nominee has been in arrears in the payment of their dues more than the time allowed by the Local (which under Article 16, Section 8, cannot be more than one (1) calendar month), they have not been in “continuous” good standing in the Local and, hence, is ineligible to run for an Executive Office.  They may seek a non-Executive Office such as Steward where a shorter period has been fixed by the Local under Section 4 of this Article.

(Section 3(6), Page 196, Holder of Withdrawal Card Not Member in “Continuous Good Standing”) – A member holding a withdrawal card is not a member in “continuous good standing” for one (1) year and hence cannot run for Executive Office in the Local.  The “continuous good standing” commences as of the date upon which they deposit their withdrawal card with the Local.  GOOD STANDING MEANS ALL UNION DUES ARE PAID UP TO DATE.


4) Majority or Plurality Vote(Union Bylaws Book, Article XI, Nominations and Election of Officers and Stewards, Section 8, Page 11) – Executive Officers shall be elected by majority vote.  Shop Committee Representative and Stewards shall be elected by plurality vote.  All others will be elected by plurality vote:  Safety Committee (2), Skilled Trades Committee (3), Drug & Alcohol Committee (1), Ag. Imp. Council (2), and Deere Council (1).


5) What is required of me if I’m elected to an Office or Committee?  (Union Bylaws Book, Article XII, Duties of Officers, Section 9, Pages 15 & 16) – All members of this Local Union holding an elective position are required to attend:

            1.  Two out of every consecutive three membership meetings in each calendar quarter, unless officially excused for cause by the Local Union Excuse Committee.

            2.  Two out of every consecutive three meetings other than membership meetings expected of their respective office position, unless officially excused for cause by the Local Union Excuse Committee.

            3.  Failure of any elected official to comply with the above attendance rules shall result in automatic removal from their respective office or position, and they shall not be permitted to run for any elective office for the balance of the term of office from which they were removed, except as a delegate to the International Constitution Convention.


6) What Office can I run for?  (Union Bylaws Book, Article XI, Nominations and Election of Officers and Stewards, Section 2, Page 8) – No member shall be nominated and elected to any Local Union office without accepting or declining in person at the membership meeting or by letter by 3:30PM the Friday following the nomination.

(Section 4(a), fifth sentence) – Members of the Executive Board, except the President, two (2) Vice Presidents, Recording Secretary, Financial Secretary, Union Safety Representative and Union Time Study, may run for the Bargaining Committee.



All elected positions are for a three (3) year term except the Constitutional Convention Delegates; this is a four (4) year term.

1) Stewards Election:  (Union Bylaws Book, Article XI, Nominations and Election of Officers and Stewards, Section 3(a), Page 8) – Department Steward elections will be held within thirty (30) days following the installation of the Local Union Officers, by members they represent.  (a) The Department Stewards Elections will be held by the Shop Committee Representatives.

2) Other Standing Committees in Local 450:  (Union Bylaws Book, Article XIV, Standing Committees, Section 1, Page 17) – It shall be mandatory for Local 450 to have the following Standing Committees:  1. Constitution and By-Laws, 2. Union Label, 3. Education, 4. Community Service, 5. Civil and Human Rights, 6. Citizenship and Legislation, 7. Recreation, 8. Building, 9. Pension, 10. Retired Members, 11. Blood Bank Committee, 12. Excuse Committee, 13. Conservation and Recreation, 14. Consumer Affairs, 15. Skilled Trades Committee, 16. Women’s Committee, 17. Veterans Committee, 18.  Chaplain, and 19. Motorcycle Riders. (Section 2, Page 17) – Members of the above Standing Committees with the exception of the Pension Board, and Skilled Trades Committee shall be appointed by the President and approved by the Executive Board of the Local Union.  It shall be the duty of each Executive Board member assigned by the President to assist the committee that they have been assigned to work with such committee to see that it properly functions. (Section 3, Page 18) – The Chairperson of all Standing Committees except the Pension Board and the Skilled Trades Committee shall be designated by the President and approved by the Executive Board of the Local Union.

Wages: All lost time paid to members will be their average straight time hourly earnings, but no overtime will be paid for lost time with the exception to the Election Committee to be paid straight time during polling hours. Hourly earning calculations will be performed using members’ most recent Regular/SUB dues posting. Shop Committee pay will be average earnings or hourly rate from when they take office.  (Cost-of-Living and wage increases are included when they take office plus they will receive overtime pay figured by the number of overtime hours worked divided by the number of employees to the nearest .10 times time and one-half.)

3) If an elected member resigns, what happens? (Union Bylaws Book, Article X, Local Union Officers, Section 3(a), Page 7) – Vacancies that occur in any Executive Office, other than President, shall be filled within sixty (60) days after the vacancy was created.  During the interim sixty (60) day period, the Executive Board shall appoint a member in good standing to fill the temporary vacancy. Section 3(b), Page 7) – Any such special election shall be in accordance to Article 38, Section 2 of the International Constitution. (Union Bylaws Book, Article XI, Nominations and Election of Officers and Stewards, Section 4(c), Page 10) – In case of a Shop Committee person resigning, there will be a special election if the term has over one (1) year left to fill the opening.  If under one (1) year, the Alternate Committee person will be moved up in chronological order.

In the case a Departmental Steward vacates their position, there will be a special election to fill the opening if the term has over (1) year left. If under one (1) year, the jurisdictional Committeeperson will appoint an interim Departmental Steward.



(Bring your union card to vote)

NOMINATIONS:     Saturday, April 15, 2023 after the Regular Union Meeting

The following election dates/location yet to be set/approved by the membership:

ELECTION:                       Tentatively set for Tuesday, May 9, 2023 from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM at Local 450 Union Hall, 4589 NW 6th Drive in Des Moines, IA,


RUN-OFF ELECTION: Tuesday, May 16, 2023 from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM at UAW Local 450 Union Hall

(if necessary)


POSITIONS:                     President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Recording Secretary, Financial Secretary, Three (3) Trustees, Sgt-at-Arms, Guide, Four (4) Shop Committee, and Two (2) Safety Committee


(The following dates and times below have NOT been set by the Body as of now.)


NOMINATIONS:     Saturday, June 17, 2023 after the Regular Union Meeting


ELECTION:                       Tuesday, July11 from 6 AM to 6 PM at UAW Local 450 Union Hall,

                                                   4589 NW 6th Drive in Des Moines, IA


RUN-OFF ELECTION: Tuesday, July18 from 6 AM to 6 PM at UAW Local 450 Union Hall

(if necessary)


POSITIONS:                     Deere Council (1), Ag. Imp. Council (2), Skilled Trades (3), and

Drug & Alcohol Committee (1)