April 2021

Due to the ongoing outbreak of the COVID-19 Virus and for the safety of our members, employees, and customers, the Union Hall is open but we are still restricted to social distancing guidelines of 6 ft. apart, limited capacity, and masks are required if within 6 ft. for 15 minutes or more.  Be safe everyone!


The next Stewards Meeting will be held at 8:00 AM and the Regular Meeting at 9:00 AM on Saturday, April 17, 2021 at the Union Hall.  (May change depending upon the Governor’s Covid restriction guidelines).  Agenda includes regular order of business.


The Shop Committee and Executive Board will be holding meetings open to all members.  The meetings will be held at 7:30 am, 1:00 pm, 4:00 pm, and 6:00 pm at the Union Hall.  The purpose of these meetings will be to review and discuss our current agreement and what changes the membership wants to see in the next agreement.  We hope to cover all articles and sections in these meetings before our current agreement ends October 1, 2021.  There will be two meetings this month: Tuesday, April 13th will cover Articles XIX, XX, XI of the Contract book and some of the Benefits book; Tuesday, April 27th will cover Articles XXII, XXIII & Exhibits A thru D of the Contract book and Appendix B (continued) of the Benefits book.


If you are receiving a lost time check, bonus makeup, refund of dues, expense check, tournament prize winnings check, etc. from the Local Union, please attempt to cash the checks in the same month as they were issued.  Remember, our policy is that any check issued is good for only 90 days from the date written. After 90 days, the checks will be voided, and you will have to come to the Union Hall to have it reissued.

 Joseph Nizzi

Financial Secretary-Treasurer


Reminder, all Retirees Potluck/Meetings are postponed until further notice due to the ongoing social distancing restrictions of the COVID-19 Virus. Sorry for the inconvenience, but we want everyone to be safe.  Once we gather again, the nominations for Chapter Officers will then be held.


James Smith

~05-06-74 Hired ~05-31-09 Retired ~03-05-21 Deceased


Family of M. Corrienne Greif (Funeral)

          Kelly Scott’s Mother-in-Law

Family of Dave Campbell (Funeral)

 CHAPLAIN CHAT by Curt Forney……

A Sunday School teacher was attempting to teach her young students the true meaning of Easter. "Why do we celebrate Easter?" she asked. When the children replied, “because of the Easter bunny, Easter eggs, candy, Spring, etc.,” she said, "No, those are Easter traditions and symbols, but what is the REASON why we celebrate Easter? What happened at the very first Easter?" A little girl raised her hand and said, "Easter celebrates Jesus coming out of the tomb." "Yes!" said the teacher, excited and relieved that finally the correct answer had surfaced. Encouraged, she prompted, "Jesus arose from the tomb, and what does He do for us?" The youngster replied, "He looks to see if he can see his shadow, and if He can, he goes back in for another six weeks." Well, she had it half right. For two thousand years millions of people all over the world have celebrated the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Is it a fact? Is it a myth? Did it really happen? Josh McDowell said you can only look at Jesus in three ways-He was either a lunatic or a liar or He was who He said He was. Can millions of people be wrong? Think about it. 


          6 months

 The following portion taken from UAW Local 838’s March Newsletter……

Contract, are your ready?  It is coming in 26 weeks!  Are your prepared to a possible strike?  Talk to your financial institution and find out if they have any policies on strike or work stoppages for your loans.  Do not wait until the last minute to have those conversations!

Do you have your Union Card for this year?  If not, get one ASAP and keep track of it.  You can call the Union Hall for a duplicate one.  This card will be used several times this year to vote and to get information on the Contract Negotiations.  Contract and Benefit Workshops are currently taking place each month at the Union Hall, please attend if possible.


If you know or work with any of these people, invite them to join our Union:

Never Joined:

Dropped Out of Union:

Charles Faber D/38

Edward Curry, Jr. D/40A

Logan Klein D/40A

Dylan Danielson D/40A

Charles Runyon D/30W

Gilbert Decena D/30A


Mark Eddy Jr. D/38

Probationary Employees:

Thomas Francis D/40C

Isidro Gonzalez D/40A

Garth Freimark D/54

Korben Lewis D/40A

Devon Greer D/43

Megan Linn D/40P

Gary Hockey D/17


William Irvine D/30W

Dropped Out of Union:

Ryan Kellerhals D/40A

Stephanie Anderson D/40A

Travis Lehman D/38

Ted Brown D/17

Mark Leisure D/23

Edgar Burke Jr. D/23

Gary McKnight Jr. D/40A

Toi Cam D/23

Jasmin Nuhanovic D/40A

Douglas Clouse D/42

Tam Pham D/40C

Christopher Conrad D/38

Aaron Rist D/30A

Michael Cook D/30A

Jeffrey Robbins D/43

Joseph Cortez D/54

Steven Ryun D/40A

Jesse Cowling D/40A

Chris Sorensen D/05F